In English

Welcome to us in Skellefteå Society for Nature Conservation!

This is not a full translation of our webpage in English, but a way to make contact. You can find a national review at

In Skellefteå we have many active people both inside the city and in the countryside. We would like to come in contact with you who are new in the Skellefteå area. Many of us speak decent English. We would like to help you to experience nature in the area, and to see and discuss the problems and the challenges we face within environment, climate and nature conservation. Our webpage is in Swedish, but please contact us at one of the following telephone numbers Kristin 0705540138, Johnny 0703516672, Peter 0705377068. or e-mail us at with your questions or interests. To get in touch with us you don’t need to be a member of Skellefteå Society for Nature Conservation.


In this area we are operating within.Skellefteå Municipality. In our calender, “Kalender”, to the right in the webpage you can see what events are current. Under the tab “Vad vi gör”, called “What we do”, in English, you can see the current issues for Skellefteå Society for Nature Conservation.